– Orders will be collected online till 11.59PM every day.
– Orders will be delivered next day between 8AM to 8PM.
– Although we have three step process to check the quality standards still if customers are requested to call or inform us within 12 hours regarding any issue with the orders.
– Complains can be made thru 1) Email: contact@onlinezmart.com or thru simple text/Calls/WhatsApp On: +91 91068 39153
– Issue will be resolved within 24 hours after it is notified to us.
– Cancellations of orders are accepted only before 11:45 PM on same day. In case of cancellation, the amount will be credited to your account in next 12 hours.
– I case customers are not found at home, the orders will be dropped at your doorstep and the picture of same will be send to your whatsapp number. We don’t take responsibility in after wards.